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messy blog
Wolverine, bring me a cheese pizza.

Hogwarts + night



For Jessica


Favorite characters: Zatanna Zatara

"It’s hard enough trying to protect the world. I’d be out of my mind to try to run it. My ancestral race, the Homo Magi, has always been aware of the corruptive powers of magic. We view magic as a tool, not as a weapon to bend others to our will."


Only the Avatar can master all four elements and bring balance to the world...


don’t litter, it scares the sharks


"You know, nobody expects you to bounce back right away. It’s only been two weeks. You need time to heal.” (insp)

when someone makes a joke about one of ur insecurities


Korrasami-week! And i’m late! *laughs guilty*

So this is day one: Beach (get the reference? yes, of course you do..)

Next days are coming ;)

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